Join the Gardening Club!


Katie Park

Come join the newly established Colts Neck High School Gardening Club! My name is Katie Park, a junior, and the current president of the Gardening Club. Our mission statement is to create a healthy outdoor environment for students and learn how to grow produce so we can donate it to a local food bank. As the past COVID-19 school year negatively affected many students’ mental health, being outdoors is the perfect remedy. Even though many of you may be a homebody, getting some sunshine is very beneficial to your health. It is scientifically proven that being outdoors boosts our mood and lowers our stress levels. Moreover, some of the plants we thought of growing were tomatoes, cucumbers, string beans, peas, peppers, and different types of flowers. We are very open to student suggestions and all plant suggestions will be considered.
As of now, we had one community service event in which me and other fellow students cleaned up the garden behind the school. We weeded, rearranged outdoor equipment, and threw away unnecessary items. We plan on having more events such as this which includes planting the plants in the garden. Additionally, look forward to future fundraising events to help the Colts Neck High School Gardening Club thrive. If you are interested in joining the Remind code is @cnhsgar. I look forward to seeing everyone who is interested in the club!