All-Shore Chorus 2022-2023 – Meet Our Members!


Jessica Terlato

This past month, auditions for the All-Shore Chorus were held at Wall High School. Each choir director that sends students to audition for the All-Shore Chorus picks a piece for the choir to learn and perform. Rehearsals are held twice a week, on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. They are about 2-3 hours so that all of the music can be ready for the concert; the students are taught all of the music in just a short month. Colts Neck High School has the honor of having two of our chorus members represent us in this prestigious music group in Monmouth County! 

I will interview our Colts Neck High School representatives as part of the All-Shore Chorus, sophomore Reese Figueiredo and senior Saverio Renda!


How does it feel to be representing your school in this county-wide chorus?

Reese: It feels really cool to be representing CNHS at the NJ All-Shore Chorus since it’s such a select ensemble and I am really excited to be apart of something like this and to give Colts Neck a good name in the music department! 

Saverio: I would honestly say it’s pretty weird and kinda funny. I’ve always had a problem with… How do I says this, seeing the scope of things. It really hasn’t kicked in yet that I’m representing my school on a country wide scale! That’s huge, but I don’t know, I not like freaking out about it or anything, I just think it’s funny, that’s just how a process stuff I guess. 

What does being a part of a music-related group mean to you?

Reese: I think that music should be more recognized and publicized at school because music is such an important part of life and expressing yourself. 

Saverio: Being a part of a music group is like being a part of any other group, we’re all friends just doing what we love! It’s about having fun. 

What other clubs are you involved in at CNHS?

Reese: Aside from chorus, I am also involved with Cougar Theatre Company and CNHS concert chorus. 

Saverio: At CNHS, I’m in the theater program! I also do something else, but it’s a secret!

Do you believe that music and the arts should be more recognized throughout Colts Neck High School? 

Reese: I think that music is for everyone and that more students at Colts Neck should give it a shot and see for themselves how much fun it can be and even explore a new talent.

Saverio: I absolutely think we’re HEAVILY underrepresented! I feel like it’s  never talked about in the school, or even by the school for that matter! It kinda stings too cause of all the effort we put in. But, even though it might not be talked about as much as our football stuff, or JROTC, I would say we’re one of the best parts of the school, and I wouldn’t trade my experience with it for the world!


Thank you Reese and Saverio for both of your contributions! Overall, it is a fantastic opportunity for these chorus members to perform such complex yet beautiful pieces that vary in genre, from ballades to pop music medleys. This goes to show how hardworking people in the arts and music truly are, and how our school should better recognize their talents and experiences. The concert is held at Monmouth Regional High School in Tinton Falls on February 4th at 7 pm.