“Have You Seen Luis Velez?” Book Review


Emily Bernstein

Have You Seen Luis Velez?, by Catherine Ryan Hyde, is a novel that covers a number of topics about the world through a sentimental story.  The novel starts with Raymond Jaffe, who does not feel like he belongs anywhere, meeting 92 year-old Mildred Gutermann, a blind woman.  Raymond learns that Mildred, or Mrs. G, was just barely getting by because Luis Velez, the person who used to help her go to the bank and the grocery store, had stopped showing up.  Raymond begins to help her and starts searching for Luis Velez, while dealing with his own problems at home. 

This book would probably be a nine out of ten because for the most part it was a really magnificent book.  The book had an interesting plot line that leaves many readers unable to put the book down.  The character development within the novel was amazing, and by the end of the novel, readers are able to feel like they truly know and understand the characters.  The book also teaches a number of important lessons that may benefit the reader in life and really make them think.  However, the novel does lose one point because the ending did not bring enough closure.  Overall, the book was wonderful and definitely worth adding to your to-read list!