Colts Neck High School’s New Peer Mentoring Program


Alexandra Risi

As you entered Colts Neck High School during your freshman year, I’m sure you were filled with anticipation and excitement, but also a great deal of fear. Adjusting to an entirely new environment can be difficult and scary, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all of your schoolwork or get organized in a way that harvests your learning experiences. So, in an effort to assist underclassmen in getting acclimated to high school life and staying on top of their studies, a new Peer Mentoring program has been created here at CNHS!

The Peer Mentoring Program, run by Mrs. Joworisak, is a chance for upperclassmen to help underclassmen with schoolwork, being organized, or any other areas where they can use the support! Mentors can provide assistance with a class that a student is struggling with, or help them create a schedule on how they’re going to make up missing assignments or simply complete their schoolwork from now on. They can also help with writing emails to teachers, or finding out when extra help sessions are so their mentees can work on bettering their grades. It’s a great opportunity for underclassmen who may struggle to get acclimated to high school courses, or for upperclassmen who want to help others. Mentors are also able to get community service hours for their assistance, which is very helpful for both the National Honor Society and college applications! 

I am proud to be one of the mentors in the Peer Mentoring program, and although the program hasn’t existed for a very long time, I can already see its positive impact. Many students who have leveraged the Peer Mentoring program seem to have a better grasp of their school work and classes, and they get to form wonderful friendships with their mentors. I know that for me as a freshman it was difficult to get a hang of being a high school student, and I would’ve loved to have an opportunity like this to have a buddy who knows their way around the school and could guide me whenever necessary. 

If you’re interested in becoming a peer mentor or mentee, the meetings are in room C102 nearly every Thursday during lunch. If you can’t make all of the sessions, that’s okay too! You can always set up meetings with your buddy on other days during the week, or whenever you both are available. Overall, the Peer Mentoring program is an excellent addition to CNHS, and it allows for so many students to have an easier transition into high school life.