Five Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Family


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Portrait Of Multi-Generation Family Group On Winter Beach Vacation

Max Tapper

Ever since infancy, our parents have likely had a great impact on our life experiences. Spoonfuls of applesauce and clouds of baby powder would highlight our mothers’ and fathers’ commitment to raising their children. Our parents also had the choice of how and where we would receive an education. If it were not for their efforts, we would not know how to communicate or function at the level that we do today. As the years passed, it would arise that Mom and Dad could not always hold our hands.

Adolescence has taught us that we need to learn to think and act for ourselves. This means making our beds but furthermore our own decisions. Whenever we need help, the only way to receive it is to ask for it, whether it be from a classmate or teacher. However, as close to adulthood as we are, our loved ones are only a phone call or visit away. No matter how old we get, we must always remember to make time for those that have made us who we are today. I am Max Tapper, and I am here to give you, my fellow students, suggestions on how you can bond and show appreciation for your family.

  1. Ask if You Can Help Your Parents with Daily Necessities

Our parents do a great deal for us. Their excursions to grocery stores and office buildings ensure that the family is in a good physical and financial position. Our mothers and fathers have likely gained the skills necessary to be able to handle their responsibilities. However, there are times when being a provider can be stressful. This is when we need to help those that help us. Whether you realize it or not, assisting your parents with daily tasks teaches you great life skills. 

By asking if you can help, you develop your communication and relationship-building skills. Your mother or father will probably verbalize their gratitude towards your offer,  wanting to show you how you can help them with shopping or pumping the car’s tires. Through these experiences, you gain an understanding of how you will have to do things for yourself in the real world. You also get to spend quality time with those that love you and want you to succeed.

2. Make Time For Relatives 

Our mothers and fathers are not only responsible for raising their children but also caring for their guardians and siblings. Dropping items off and ordering meals can be difficult, especially since our parents have other commitments. Regardless of the past, we too must be there for our aunts, uncles, and grandparents. These are the people that we have known for almost the entirety of our lives. You must embrace the visits and family dinners before you are off on your own. 

Whenever your family takes a drive down to see Grandma and Grandpa, I suggest that you help put food and other items in the car before you go. You should also volunteer to take out the trash when it is time to leave. The next time you see your aunt or uncle, try to start a conversation with them about how things have been. If any family member asks you for help, never hesitate to do so. Your actions speak louder than your words, and your choice to be there says it all.

3. Go for a Walk with Mom or Dad

I find going for walks outside to be very relaxing. Whenever I feel stressed about my workload in school, there is nothing like a stroll in the sunshine. I always feel better walking into the house again than when I first stepped out. I understand that my parents’ jobs can overwhelm them, and they too have their way of calming down. However, there is no denying that getting outdoors is good for the soul. This is especially the case when you do so with your family. 

You have likely noticed that the weather outside is beginning to improve. Do you notice if your parents seem calmer when the sky is clear and the grass is greener? If your mother or father is not busy, ask them if they want to go outside for a walk with you. While walking, you could talk about how work or school has been, and also what you are looking forward to in the future. These conversations can be very entertaining but also provide you and your parents with good advice to navigate through life. 

4. Watch a Fun Movie or TV Show Together

Everyone has their specific interests when it comes to the media. Some enjoy fast-paced thrillers while others prefer slapstick sitcoms about everyday life. This is no different when it comes to what our families watch in their spare time. Mom might fancy soap operas, and Dad may be found chuckling at comedies. No matter what we like to stream, it is important to find common ground so that you can laugh and cry with those closest to you. 

On a day when you and your family do not have any plans, propose watching a TV show or movie together. Have a conversation regarding what each family member would like to watch. Make sure that you all agree on something that everyone is comfortable viewing. Once a decision has been made, sit back and enjoy. During or after the program, you can ask your siblings and parents what part they liked best or who their favorite character was. These conversations will encourage you to bond with them more often. 

5. Plan a Fun Day Out Together

There are several opportunities to have fun in where we live. Locations such as iPlay America have probably charmed us for many years. Our most enjoyable experiences are often richer when they involve the people we know and love. The laughter and shrieks of joy cannot simply be all for one person. I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy themselves and do what they want in this world, especially those who are always there for us. 

Good days for outings are typically on weekends when you and your family are not very busy. On days like that, ask your parents if they would be willing to go somewhere to get everyone out of their comfort zone. Be sure that you have a location in mind that is family-friendly and a reasonable distance from home. Once you get there, make sure that everyone stays together so that no one gets lost. Even if you are hesitant, you will find that it is never too early to establish memories with your loved ones that will last a lifetime.