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Taylor Swift: The Truth Behind this Sensation’s Ever Growing Popularity


When we think of the most powerful women in the world, we often visualize strong politicians and dedicated businesswomen. However, one of the most influential women in today’s society is one you might be hearing on the radio or even TikTok nearly every day. Taylor Swift has been an iconic figure for over 17 years and has been changing the music industry with each new album she releases. She’s one of the most well-known people worldwide and was recently the first female artist on Spotify to reach 100 million monthly listeners. She’s had 12 number-one albums on Billboard (the most by a woman artist in history) and is the first and only solo woman who has won the Album of the Year Grammy three times, for her albums Fearless, 1989, and Folklore. Her exponentially-increasing fame makes many begin to wonder, ‘What makes Taylor Swift so popular?’. Is she simply a reflection of the popularity of her music, or is there another reason why so many fans, especially young girls, are drawn to her?

One reason why many people find Swift’s music so easy to enjoy is the multitude of genres she has covered throughout her career. Although she began as a country singer, Taylor’s music has evolved to include many different styles of music, including pop hit singles, and emotional ballads. No matter what style Swift chooses to explore, it is evident that she puts deep thought and care into her lyrics. Swift’s songs are overflowing with figurative language and extended metaphors, and in some of her more recent albums like Folklore and Evermore, she has even begun to develop characters and storylines within her music. This lyrical style is something that many fans enjoy, and they feel as though her multi-genre approach allows everyone to find something about her songs to relate to. One Taylor Swift fan noted, “I love Taylor’s music because of how relatable, and sometimes scarily spot on, her lyrics are. Whether it is about a romantic experience or personal mental health, so many of her lyrics connect to so many people.”

Another reason why so many people love Taylor Swift is her ability to use her platform to do good in the world. Swift has been advocating for other music artists for many years, fighting for better record deals. In 2015, she wrote an open letter to Apple Music campaigning for better compensation, which resulted in the platform changing its payment policies. She also took a stand against her former record label, Big Machine Records, when they wouldn’t let her buy back her original recordings of her first six albums. This led to Swift’s re-records of her old albums, which have increased her popularity and demonstrated her growth as a musician since the start of her career. 

But even more importantly in the eyes of her fans, Swift is a strong, powerful woman who is constantly sending a positive message to young girls everywhere. She has shown girls that their “personal truths” and emotions aren’t something they should hide, and are something worth sharing with others. She also has shown women that they should have aspirations, and chase those dreams. In her feminist anthem “The Man”, she acknowledges the patriarchy and how hard it can be for women to succeed in any male-dominated society. However, she has flipped that notion on its head, now dominating an industry where male artists are particularly prevalent. She got to where she is today through hard work and being true to herself, and that’s something that many young girls can look up to. As one Swift fan keenly noted, “Taylor Swift is relentless, and she doesn’t let negativity or hate stop her from being the most successful and powerful person in the music industry.”

Recently, Taylor Swift finished the U.S. leg of her Eras Tour, a tour spanning all of the “eras” of her music career and including songs from all of her albums. The tour is set to be the highest-grossing tour in history and could end up making nearly $5 billion in the U.S. alone. Swift also just released her Eras Tour Movie, a concert-like experience in theaters that displayed one of her performances for all those who were unable to see the tour in person. For its opening weekend, the film became one of the top 100-grossing movies of all time, an amazing feat for a concert film such as this. Being an audience member for that film, I was filled with overwhelming joy as I felt that I was truly at the concert, and got to watch Swift grow up and develop through every era. 

Taylor’s re-record of 1989 is coming out this Friday, October 27th. After that, she has only two re-records left, Reputation and Taylor Swift (her Debut album). She also has more tour dates coming up in Europe and the U.S. Knowing Swift, fans likely won’t be waiting much longer for new music, and people across the globe, across generations, and lifestyles will be waiting with anticipation to see what she does next. 

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