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Joys of Spring


I feel like spring is a season that comes and goes very quickly. Some love it, while others can take it or leave it. I love spring for a lot of reasons and all of them combined make the season a very joyful one!

The first reason is the weather. I like colder climates more than warmer ones cause it’s easier to warm up than it is to cool down and spring is a nice in-between spot, after winter ends and before summer starts. I prefer wearing hoodies/sweatshirts more than other clothes too. Sometimes I wear a hoodie too thin to keep me warm in the winter, and I don’t wanna sweat bullets in the summer. With spring, however, I can have a thin hoodie on me and walk around without a sweat. Literally and figuratively.

After that, I would have to say the smells and sights. The sun is always out and making everything feel happier, if that makes sense. I just like looking out the window at 9 in the morning and seeing the light shine on everything. The trees swaying in sync with each other, the birds flying alone or in groups, and the new grass getting its color back. It’s also when the trees get their leaves back, the flowers bloom again, and a lot of nice smells come back into the world! I’m not just talking about flowers, to me, the world just smells nicer in spring

Lastly, the excitement! For someone still in school, spring is a blessing and an exciting one. Spring is near the end of the school year, meaning it’s the homestretch before summer! There’s also spring break, over a full week off of school to relax and enjoy what’s yet to come. I was also born during spring so I enjoy it for that too!

I’m not saying you have to like spring, I’m just giving you some reasons on why I love it. But I hope I gave you some reasons to like spring and some new ones as well!

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