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How to Prepare for an Important Task

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Quite often in life, there will be situations where you have to perform. Filling in that first bubble marks your commitment to do the very best you can. As the big day approaches, you may grow uneasy, a titanic wave of failure looming over your head. The wave may indeed crash down, but you cannot afford to let distress wipe you out. I am Max Tapper, and I am here to give you, my fellow students, some guidance on how to stay calm and do well with important tasks. 

  1. Practice in Advance

You have likely heard this from parents and teachers or have found out for yourself. Nevertheless, the more you prepare, the better your chances of success. By rehearsing lines or redoing problems on a regular basis, the material will come more naturally. We all have our own wood to chop, and picking up the ax is the first step to getting it done right. The point is, keep choppin’. 

2. Focus on Your Struggles

Even if you have mastered all those conjugations, there may still be a few tough vocabulary words. It is easy to make ourselves think that a brief run-through prepares us for the bigger task to come. However, when a question comes on an unfamiliar rhetorical strategy, all you may have is a guess. Prioritizing the review of any material that you find challenging can only strengthen your knowledge as well as your test scores.

3. Eliminate Thoughts of Failure

Despite all of the hours you spent studying beforehand, you might fear the possibility of receiving a bad grade. It may not be clear why, but if you get lost in a mindset of doubt, get yourself out. You will do fine if you have done all you could do to get ready. Tell yourself that no matter what happens during that test or game, you will come out a stronger, wiser person. If you think you can do it, you will do it.

4. Be Confident in Your Skills

You likely notice that some things come easier to you than others. It may be that these things are indeed easy for you but also because you have worked hard for them. If you did not spend a half hour every night ensuring you knew how to factor, you would not be nearly as good at it. It is crucial to believe in your ability to excel if you have done the work. 

5. Work on the Final Result

When you get that score back, it should be the score you deserve. Even if the A range is out of shot, it never fails to aim high. Not everyone is willing to put in the hours or even minutes necessary to succeed with the important things in life. Wanting a good grade is a good start, but it is not enough. A persistent work ethic will take you to heights that you never knew were within your reach. 

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