Prince Phillips’ Passing Allows the Royal Family to Have an Opportunity to Reconcile


Sophia Scognamiglio

Prince Phillips funeral took place on Saturday April. 10,2021. It was more than a regular mourning. Many people who follow up on the royal family were watching to see if the royal family and Prince Harry, his wife reconcile. It would be the first time after the interview where Prince Harry and the royal family come in contact. Harry had mentioned to the people that the rumors were true and his brother and him were growing apart. He goes to explain that they are taking “space” from each other. Harry had also told Oprah during the interview that William has not been answering his calls for quite some time. Despite all the tension from the time of the interview, Saturday’s funeral brought back greif from when the brothers had another royal funeral for their mother: Princess Dianna in 1997.  Many people believed that the funeral would stop the tension between the two and the royal family. Reporters go to say how inappropriate it would be to talk about personal issues during a funeral. Additionally, Harry had more successes than Charles, yet his place in throne is now sixth because of the birth of William’s third child.