SEA Article


Sophia Carlin

As Greta Thumberg takes the world by storm to actually save it, an increasing number of youth is taking a stand against environmental injustice. As a result, the Students for Environmental Action, a club in its second year here at Colts Neck High School, has gained much attention and support. Run by Mrs. Schreck, an environmental science teacher, the club works with its presidents, senior Corri Villany and senior Mandy Pelenski, to raise awareness about the dangers our environment is facing and how we can fix it. 

According to the presidents, their goal is “to make a difference through clean ups, recycling, and fundraising for environmental charities.” Recently, the club has taken part in Wands for Wildlife and a Clean Ocean Beach Clean Up. Wands for Wildlife is an organization that collects old mascara wands to remove fly eggs and larva from the fur/feathers of wild animals. This organization helps with the care and rehabilitation for injured and orphaned wildlife. The Clean Ocean Beach Clean Up is an annual event throughout New Jersey that works to improve the water quality for marine life. These are only two of the many proactive and fun events that SEA takes part in to make a change as inspired teenagers. 

President Corri Villany says that the club is so important because “society is facing a major issue with the overall degradation of our environment and I want to help our planet in any way I can. SEA club is meant to help people feel like they can and are making a difference in the outcome of our environment.” To get involved and have this impact yourself, join the Remind code by texting @cnhssea to 810-10 and follow their Instagram at @cnhssea20. It’s up to us to save the Earth and joining SEA can be the first step!