Top 5 Ways to Show Your Gratitude Towards Your Teachers


Max Tapper

When we first stepped foot into our preschool classrooms, we were put at ease by knowing that there was always one grounded, knowledgeable person we could turn to to express our troubles, no matter how minor they were, and get the help we needed. When we were that young, we all likely saw our teachers as a source of comfort and protection. However, as we grew older and our education advanced, we started to develop conflicted feelings about the many different teachers that came and went.

Especially in high school, it seems that there are always pros and cons about the teachers we are assigned. For instance, you might love how your English teacher barely gives out any homework. As for your Algebra teacher, there’s just something about her tone that makes you want to rip your hair out. In fact, you might feel that there is always that teacher that ruins the mood or that his or her approach to the subject is poor. However, you should consider that your teachers may not always show it, but they care and they just want what’s best for their students. I’m Max Tapper, and I’m here to give you, my fellow students, some suggestions on how you can let your teachers know that you are grateful for their efforts.


  1. Write Thank You Cards To Hand In Before Class

At least for me, writing thank-yous to my teachers is nothing new. Back in my elementary school days, my family would always tell my elder brother Zach and me that our teachers did so much for us, and that all the hard work they put into giving us a proper education should be acknowledged. So, in the coming days before winter and spring break, we would get blank thank you cards for us to write messages to hand in to our teachers. Personally, I put a great deal of thought into what I would write in the cards, as deep down, I wanted the teacher to read the card and get a valid sense of how appreciative I was for all the hard work they put into educating me and my peers. Sure enough, my thank you cards indeed left an impression. Whenever he or she had a spare moment before or after class, my teacher at the time would pull me aside and tell me that he or she was very thankful for my consideration and that I had ‘’made their day’’. Even now, I feel that you, the students of Colts Neck High School, should consider picking a day to purchase thank you cards to write and send to your teachers. You might feel insecure about your writing abilities, but I guarantee that not only will your teachers be greatly appreciative, but you will experience an overwhelming sense of pleasure knowing that you’ve made a difference in the life of someone that truly wants you to succeed.


2. Purchase Gift Cards For Your Teachers So They Can Buy Something They Like

Admittedly, as friendly as I am with my teachers, I know very little about their personal hobbies and interests. However, what I do know is that my teachers are putting in all of their heart and soul to educate me and my peers so that we can graduate and succeed in college and beyond. I’m sure you have at least one teacher that you greatly enjoy or even admire, but you too are unsure of what specific things or activities your teacher finds pleasure in. If this leaves you in doubt of what to get your teacher to show your gratitude, I suggest that you go to your local Target or Walgreens to purchase a gift card to give to him or her. Gift cards are affordable, easy to find, and generally serve as a good bounty to give out to those you care about. Find a time before class to give your teacher the gift card, such as before your first block class. Your teacher can use the gift card to go out and buy something that links to their interests, and they will also likely appreciate you taking the time to consider their perseverance in their field.


3. Offer To Donate Supplies To Classrooms

As the end of the year is starting to come into view, some teachers may be finding themselves short on essential supplies for student and overall classroom use. You might have realized this the last time you were desperately scavenging for a green colored pencil in your Algebra class, and I advise you to take note of the situation at hand. If a teacher’s classroom is running low on supplies, you can save them a great deal of trouble by donating some pens, pencils, Post-it Notes, Expo markers, and,minding seasonal allergies, tissues. If you are lacking these specific items, I recommend going to your local Staples or Dollar Tree to purchase them. Donating supplies to your teachers is a great way to pitch in, as the teachers find the items they are given very useful for presenting new material, grading papers, and reviewing for examinations. In addition, your teacher will be very impressed by your compassion and will likely gain a sense of respect for you to some extent.


4. Organize A Gathering Held In The Teacher’s Lounge

Everyone deserves a little bit of excitement in their lives, and even some teachers themselves can admit that their jobs can get tedious on occasion. To help break the monotony for your teachers, and to also show them your recognition for their work throughout the year, I encourage you to set up a casual brunch or party to take place in the teacher’s lounge. In the context of setting up a brunch, I recommend going to The Bagel Store located in The Orchards at Colts Neck to purchase bagels and juices. As for obtaining decorations for holding a casual party, I advise you to go to your local Party Fair to pick up items such as balloons and tablecloths. Don’t hesitate to ask your friends to see if they are available and interested in setting up the brunch or party with you, as they too will feel the pleasure of honoring the people that they spend five days a week with that have blessed them with a stellar education. Not only will your teachers have a good time at the brunch or party, but they will also be touched and very impressed with your consideration towards them at this level.


5. Put Up Encouraging Messages On The Board In The Teacher’s Lounge

Really, you don’t have to go to extreme lengths to show people in your life that you are thankful for their presence and efforts. Sometimes, just giving someone you care about a little bit of encouragement can lift their spirits to great heights. If you have time, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have you and your friends gather some Post-it Notes and write messages such as ‘’You Got This!’’ or ‘’You Rock!’’ on them. Once you have finished writing your messages on the Post-its, you and your friends can ask to place them on the bulletin board in the teachers’ lounge. I suggest you do this activity in a group, as you might feel overworked writing all of the messages by yourself. As simple as what I’m proposing may seem, by reading the messages, your teachers will be amazed by the amount of students that take into consideration their emotional status. Furthermore, your teachers will come to appreciate your efforts to appreciate their efforts to teach and help prepare you for the real world.